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Hello, we at ehealthtips4u.com allow people to submit guest posts on our site which can increase the reach of your audience. We don’t charge any money for providing your guest post. We have received many emails asking regarding the submission of a guest post on our site. So, please read the below guidelines if you wish to submit a guest post.

Length of the article: We at ehealthtips4u.com strive to provide the audience with well written, and informative articles. So, the length of the article being submitted for the guest post should be a minimum of 1000 words. Any article with less than 1000 words will not be accepted.

The topic of the article: Topic of the article should be relevant to our website like health, disease conditions, fitness, exercises, yoga, nutrition, beauty, etc. Please go to our website to get an idea of what type of articles will be accepted. If any article being submitted is not relevant to the topics on the site, it will be rejected.

Keyword: Your article must have the primary keyword, and it should not be used more than 15 times throughout the article including the headings. You must mention the main keyword along with the article.

Author bio and link: We don’t allow any keyword links within the article. We allow author bio at the end of the article, with a do follow link to their website homepage. We don’t allow links to any inner pages or sections of the site.

The tone of writing: Please write in a friendly tone which sounds appealing to the audience. Please refer to articles on ehealthtips4u.com for an idea. Write in a tone that expresses your voice.

Audience friendly: The audience of the website ehealthtips4u.com should be able to read your article quickly. Use headings, subheadings for sure. Also, make use of bullet points, italics, bold sentences to illustrate your point where necessary.

Credit: Please give credit to all the sources which were used to write the article. Mention the sources as references at the bottom of the article. Please mention at least five references which are relevant. Mention only highly authoritative sites like WebMD, mayoclinic, PubMed, etc. Any irrelevant sources and links are not be accepted.

Copyright privacy: All the articles that you submit to our site should be your original work. We will check for plagiarism from multiple sources before publishing the article. If any plagiarised or unoriginal content is found in your article, it will be rejected immediately.

No use of affiliate links: We don’t entertain any affiliate links within the content. If we find any such links within the content, the article will be rejected immediately.

Please read all the above guidelines and submit your guest post by it. Any guest post which does not match the guidelines will not be accepted.